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Dzongkha Typing Tutor 1

Note: DzType 1 has been superseded by DzType 2.
Developed by the Rigsum Research LabDzType 1, a Dzongkha Typing Tutor, is a first-of-its-kind web-based application that aids in teaching the Dzongkha Unicode keyboard. 

The most recent version of the software is DzType 1.1.
The open-source program became available on the Coronation Day of His Majesty (November 1st, 2010). The software is legal and free. There is no charge for using the software. You are welcome to distribute copies of DzType.

To use DzType 1, you will need a computer that has Dzongkha fonts, the Dzongkha Unicode keyboard, and a web browser. DzType 1 works best with Google Chrome, a browser developed by Google.

You can run DzType in two ways:
  • Online: If you have an Internet connection, use the online app!
  • Offline: You can download and install the files needed to run DzType on your computer's hard drive and run the program without an Internet connection. After copying the files, just navigate to the DzType directory and double-click on dztype.html.
To download DzType, use our download page.

You can leave feedback and ask questions at our feedback page.

To watch the online video tutorials, go to the tutorials page.