Certificate in Computer Application Assistant

The National Certificate Level II & III qualification recognizes the skills and knowledge required for people working as a skilled Computer Application Assistant.

This course is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes of an individual to become complete Computer Application Assistant NC level II & III in accordance with industry Standard. Upon completion of this course the graduates will be able to work in Government, private and any organization where they can operate and maintain personal computer and operation office application.
                                                       Course Structure [6 Months]
Module Title
Nominal Duration
 Module 1-Operate and maintain personal computer
 44 Hours
 Module 2: Manage files and folder
 6 Hours
 Module 3: Operate and Manage Office Application software
 114 Hours
 Module 4: Perform Internet and Electric Mail Operation
 20 Hours
 Module 5: Operate and Manage database application software
 62 Hours
 Module 6: Performing Dzongkha typing operation
 18 Hours