Intensive Course in Accountancy - 6 Months

The intensive course in accountancy recognizes the skills and knowledge required for people working as a skilled Accountant and builds on the skills and knowledge that candidate will have gained through the successful completion of the course

This course is designed to provide knowledge, skill and attitude to an individual to become competent Accountant in accordance with the industry needs. Upon completion of this course, the graduate will be able to work in actual working condition where they can apply their knowledge to prepare journal entries, maintain books of accounts, prepare final accounts and ascertain net profit or loss and maintain accounting records using tally. The graduate will also have a very sound knowledge on stores and inventory management and office management

COURSE STRUCTURE  (264 Hours= 132 days* 2 Hours per day)
Module Title & Code
Learning Outcomes
 Nominal Duration
 Preparing Journal entries
1.Interpret the need for accounting record
2.Prepare voucher
3.Process journal entries
4.Post journal entries and ascertain correct balances
5.Prepare trial balance

44 Hours
Maintaining books of accounts
1.Prepare voucher and process journal entries
2.Post journal entries and ascertain correct, [re[are cashbook and trial balance

20 Hours
Preparing final accounts
1.Prepare trading account and calculate gross profit or gross loss
2.Prepare profit and loss account, calculate net profit/net loss
3.Prepare balance sheet
4.Prepare final accounts (Trading, P&L a/c and balance sheet) with adjustments

44 Hours
Managing stores and inventory
1.Interpret the need for stores and inventory management
2.Explain the importance of material control
3.Prepare material plan
4.Prepare material budget
5.Explain the importance of stores control
6.Calculate and fix different stock levels
7.Calculate the economic ordering quality and stock turnover
8.Classify materials and affix codes to material
9. Maintain stroe records and calculate material price when issued

44 Hours
Managing office efficiently (RIIT/IcA/M5)
1. Interpret Office Management and Office Management Principals and scope
2. Interpret Administrative arrangements and facilities, office accommodation, layout and environment
3. Maintain records and handle office corresponding and mail services
4. Handle office communication and communication services
5. Manage and control office forms
6. Interpret collection, recording and presentation of data
7. Write office reports and precis
8. Interpret and delegate leadership and management styles and authority and responsibility
9. Interpret HRM
10. Interpret Quality and quality control

44 Hours
Operating tally (accounting software) RIIT/IcA/M5
  1. Achieve theoretical concept of Tally
  2. Perform basic operation of Tally
  3. Maintain company data
  4. Use accounts information menu
  5. Identify different vouchers used in Tally
  6. Maintain Accounts only
  7. Use inventory information menu
  8. Maintain Accounts with inventory including
  9. Use payroll information menu
10. Prepare payroll
Apply TDS and service Tax rules
12. View, print and interpret reports
13. Reconcile accounts and create duplicate entry
14. Prepare Budget

 68 Hours