Diploma in Financial Management-18 months

Every organization has its core competence which is guarded by its finance team; hence finance person is a goal keeper of an organization. Financial management is a process to have knowledge of Balance sheets, analyzing cost center and expenses of an organization. This course helps the learners to understand the role of the Finance Manager about how to minimize cost and maximize profit.

This course focuses on developing financial management skills as required in the industry. It is designed to expose learners to the knowledge and understanding of finance functions, control systems and finance market.
 ModuleLearning Outcomes
Preparing Journal entries
1. Interpret the need for accounting records
2. Process journal entries
3. Post journal entries and ascertain correct balances
Maintaining cash book
1. Identify different types of cashbook
2. Prepare different types of cashbook
Preparing trial balance
1. Prepare trial balance with debit and credit balance
2. Rectify errors
Preparing bank reconciliation statement (BRS)
1. Verify documents
2. Reconcile accounts
Preparing final accounts
1. Prepare trading account and calculate gross profit or gross loss
2. Prepare profit and loss account, calculate net profit/net loss
3. Prepare balance sheet
4. Prepare final accounting with adjustments
5. Prepare Manufacturing account and calculate cost of production
Interpreting the overview of Financial Management
1. Interpret the overview of Financial Management
2. Explain forms of business organizations
3. Explain organization of finance function
4. Explain financial decisions and role of finance manager
 Explain different sources of business finance and prepare different budgets
1. Explain sources of business finance
2. Explain the process of firms financing decisions
3. Explain financial decision making and calculate capital budget
4. Explain working capital management
5. Prepare cash budget
Analyzing financial statement
1. Explain ratios
2. Calculate and analyses different ratios
3. Explain and prepare fund flow statement
4. Explain and prepare cash flow statement
Explaining Investment analysis
1. Interpret the investment analysis
2. Explain forms of investment analysis
Explaining Fundamental analysis
1. Interpret the fundamental analysis and explain step of fundamental analysis
2. Explain Economic analysis
3. Explain Industry analysis
4. Explain Technical analysis
Explaining portfolio theory and risk management
1. Interpret portfolio theory and portfolio return: Two-asset case and Portfolio risk: Two-asset case
2. Interpret risk and return
Explaining Taxation system of Bhutan
1. Explain Personal Income Tax
2. Explain Business Income Tax
3. Explain Corporate Income Tax
Payroll1. Setup payroll records
2. Calculate payroll
Maintaining books of accounting
1. Process journal entries, prepare vouchers and post journal entries into ledger
2. Prepare cashbook, trial balance and final account
Operating tally
1. Achieve theoretical concept of tally
2. Perform basic operation of Tally
3. Maintain company data
4. Use accounts information menu
5. Identify different vouchers used in tally
6. Maintain accounts only
7. use inventory information menu
8. Maintain accounts with inventory
9. Use payroll information menu
10. Prepare payroll
11. Apply TDS and service Tax rules
12. View, print and interpret reports
13. Reconcile accounts and credit duplicate entry
Performing Basic Computer Application
1. Operate and Manage personal computer
2. Perform word processing
3. Prepare spreadsheet application
4. Prepare PowerPoint presentation
5. Perform Internet and Mailing Operation

Note: We are in the process of reviewing the syllabus for Diploma in Financial Management, therefore there can be slight changes.