About RRL

The Rigsum Research Lab (RRL) is a focal point for acquiring and disseminating practical knowledge about learning technologies and their incorporation in practice, in the context of Bhutan's needs and culture. The lab's activities include:
  1. Studying possible technologies for adoption in teaching institutions in Bhutan, in light of the IT capabilities and the local skills. 
  2. Introducing carefully chosen technologies to local instructors (college level and grade school teachers), through hands-on workshops, in-house training, and by providing a physical space where teachers can try out various technologies first hand.
  3. Creating local leadership in Bhutan in learning technologies, by involving and training Rigsum faculty.
RRL was established in August 2010, and is led by Prof. Galit Shmueli, Ph.D., and Mr. Boaz Shmueli, B.Sc.

While the lab promotes the usage of learning technologies within Rigsum, it offers resources, consulting and training to any education organization in Bhutan. 

For more information or to set up an appointment, send an email to research@rigsum-it.com.


RRL is located at the Rigsum Campus.