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Compare: SMILE Plug vs. Raspberry Pi

We are evaluating two possible hardware solutions for Sherig-in-a-Box: The SMILE Plug and the Raspberry Pi. 

The Raspberry Pi is very affordable ($35) and can easily be upgraded to meet the requirements by adding a Wi-Fi USB dongle, a power supply, and a case.

The SMILE Plug was designed to run the SMILE Consortium software. Nevertheless, its specs (headless computer, 2 Ethernet ports, enterprise WiFi, small form factor, no moving parts) makes it an attractive option for our project.
 Feature  SMILE Plug  Raspberry Pi (Model B)  Who wins?
 System on Chip  ARMADA 370  Broadcom BCM2835  SMILE
 CPU Architecture      ARMv7  ARMv6k  SMILE
 CPU Clock  Unknown  700 MHz  TBD
 Overclocking  Unknown  Up to 1000 MHz1  TBD
 RAM  512 MB  512 MB  —
 NAND Flash  1 GB  N/A  SMILE
 Ethernet Ports  2 x 1000 Mbps 1 x100 Mbps  SMILE
 Wi-Fi  1  0  SMILE
 USB Ports  2  2  —
 SD card slots  1  1  —
 Audio, Video  No  Yes  SMILE2
 Enclosure  Yes  No  SMILE
 Power  TBD  3.5W  —
 Price per Unit  $2503  $1004  Raspberry Pi
 Total cost5  $125000  $50000  Raspberry Pi

1New versions of the Raspberry Pi allow automatic throttling of the CPU without affecting the warranty
2The lack of audio & video helps by making the hardware less attractive to re-purpose in the school environment
3Price includes unit and a 64 GB micro-SD card
4Price includes unit, case, WiFi USB dongle, case, and power supply
5Based on 500 schools (see Annual Education Statistics 2012)