What's Included (1.0 vs 2.0)

The Collection includes a number of carefully-selected, open-source, educational resources that do not require Internet access.

 Sherig Collection 1.0  Sherig Collection 2.0
 Automated installation  
 Uninstall utility  
 Wikipedia (offline edition), the free encyclopedia, with access to tens of thousands of articles. We offer three collections of Wikipedia articles:
  • Wikipedia 0.8 (45,000+ best articles)
  • Wikipedia for Schools (child-friendly articles, organized by subject, UK curriculum)
  • Wikipedia in Simple English
 Khan Academy (offline edition), over 2,000 short videos (around 10 minutes each) in all areas of Math and Science
 DzType typing tutor, learn how to type in Dzongkha
 Children's Dzongkha Dictionary  
 DDC Dzongkha-English HTML Dictionary
 Childsplay, games for letter and digit recognition, use of mouse and keyboard
 Seterra, geography quiz games
 Scratch, a child-friendly programming language
 DreamChess, computer chess  
 Open Office for Kids
 Audiobooks (by Librivox), a collection of classic books
 eBooks (from Project Gutenberg), for reading along with the audio books  
 Poetry: ebooks and audio  
 Poems Every Child Should Know, ebooks and audio  
 Curriculum Bookshelf, with DCRD textbooks, workbooks, syllabus, and more; exam bank with over 200 exam papers  
 DDC publications partial
 Browsers (Google ChromeMozilla Firefox)
 VLC Media Player software for viewing videos
 Dzongkha keyboard and fonts
 Adobe Reader software for reading PDF files
 Audacity, software for recording and editing sound and music
 7 Zip, software for compressing and uncompressing files