Institute Code of Conduct

1.  Attendance

  •  Attendance will be marked during all the institute activities
  • At least 90% attendance is required to be eligible to appear semester examinations.

2.  Leave

  • Trainees who needs to stay at home due to illness or functions must submit an application signed by your parents/guardian to the concern class teacher.
  •  Any trainee who needs leave for three or more days must submit an application signed by your parents/guardian to the Principal.
3.  General Behavior
  • Trainees are not allowed to enter the staff room without the proper permission.
  •  Follow the instructions of Trainer during Institute events and class activities including those organized in campus.
  • Trainees are requested to arrange the chairs and tables before leaving the classroom/lab.

 4.  Homework/assignment/project

  •   Submit homework, assignments and project reports on time.
  •   Take notes of feedback and comments given by trainer.

 5.  Use of Computer Lab/Classroom

  •  Do not bring any food or beverage inside lab.
  •   Follow the instructions of the computer lab in-charge and your trainer.
  •   Use only the assigned systems of the respective Lab. In case if it is busy; seek the permission of the in-charge.
  •   On grounds of security threats of viruses, we do not allow the use of personal thumb drives or other storage devices.
  •   Do not play computer games or fiddle with the hardware and accessories.
  •   Trainees are not supposed to change the system setting and peripherals.

 6.  Use of Institute Properties

  •   Damaging or destroying properties belonging to institute would entail disciplinary action and the cost of the repair or replacement.
  •   No scribbling on the table, wall of Labs, class room and conference hall.

 7.  Discipline

  •   Use of mobile phones and MP3 players in the class, library and computer labs is strictly prohibited.
  •   Using unfair means during examination/assessment may invite disciplinary measures.
  •   Punishment due to any in disciplinary acts may include any one or more of the following
  1.      Withholding of scholarship and other benefits
  2.      Suspension from attending the classes
  3.     Withholding of results and certificates