Learning Design Form 3C

Topic: Create column chart in Ms word


1.       What must the learner be able to do by the end of the session?



Action verbs/verbs, simple objectives.(Refer to The Content- Performance matrix)


·         By the end of the lesson, the each learner will be able to know JavaScript  within 2.00 hrs as per criteria given


2.       How will you know the learner has learned?





Performance test(Procedure or product), written test, project ,oral question ,assignment

  ·         Oral questioning(Define JavaScript, List the features of JavaScript

·         Assignment(Identify the list of browsers, Sample provided)


3.       How can instruction help?


A.      What learner activities or experiences will help?


Reading, group activities, guided practice, independent practice, assignment, role play, peer tutoring,  brainstorming, research, case study


·         Group Activities(Let them to present about Javascript)

·         Guided practice(Giving a blue print)



B.      What Visuals or job-aids will help?



Learner produced visuals or job aids ,performance guide, transparency, flip chart, wall chart ,video, audio


·         Performance guide(Trainees will be able to know and identify within the given procedures)

·         Wall chart for diagrams

·         Whiteboard for diagrams and notes



C.      What other instructor input will help?



Introduction, demonstration, illustrated talk, coaching and feedback, modeling, assignment, debriefing, consulting

·         Demonstration using Projector

·         Assignment(Giving a questions, I’e blue print)