CEO's Message

The Rigsum Institute of IT & Management has been approved by the Royal Government of Bhutan and awarded grade “B”, the highest grade as of now, by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources. For more than a decade, the institute has served as a bridge between the government and the unemployed youths. With its varied community of trainees, Rigsum offers a unique skills training to fit in with the needs of the country.

However, under the changing landscape of higher education and research both in the country and in the region, coupled with the changing nature of development aid-based funding, it is important to work for increased capacity within Rigsum  to continuously learn, adapt and change. Change is the normal condition of all learning organizations, and must come from the grassroots and from the upper management levels, as well as from our partner organizations, communities and stakeholders.

Rigsum’s future orientation must be based on education and research towards the sustainable development of the nation, strengthening the knowledge, development and business capacity of Bhutan. To this end, it is important for Rigsum to have its own distinct profile in certain niche areas. Deciding to become an engineer is an important first step on your pathway to success. More importantly however, is selecting where to study and get trained. Rigsum makes the selection task easier for prospective trainees and students, since the institute has been catering to the needs of thousands of students and trainees from every walk of life for over a decade.

Rigsum builds the knowledge, skills, vision and character that are required for every professional to succeed in the globalised 21st century. Whatever may be your ambition in life, a graduation certificate from Rigsum is your authorized passport to explore a world full of opportunities.

Rigsum’s website provides a great deal of information about the institute, through which we would like to more effectively communicate the activities and initiatives being undertaken in the areas of education, research and outreach activities. Whether you are a prospective student, a Rigsum alumni member, or a first-time visitor, I invite you to explore the site. The institute’s website is designed to make it easy for you to find the information you need. “Join Rigsum for your future career

Chen Chen Dorji