Customer Care & Service Delivery- 1 Month

Customer service is a key component for many companies. Whether it is about serving consumers or other businesses, excellent customer service will help to ensure profitability. Customer service also provides important feedback about business processes.

This course will equip the learners with the skills required to confidently manage high level of customer service. Learners will look at different types of customers and the ways in which they behalf. Practical techniques and checklist will help solve difficult situations and manage awkward customers. Learners will also be encouraged to develop greater understanding of their own behavior and explore the effect it may have on others.


Module Title

Enhancing the knowledge of customer care and service delivery

Learning Outcomes

1.Define customer service

2.Analyze organization and its customer

3.Enhance customer contact skills

4.Explain the importance of customer feedback

5.Conduct and evaluate customer satisfaction survey

 Nominal Duration

44 Hours