Creating Websites: Testimonials

Participants are impressed with our Creating Websites workshop. Read some the feedback we got:

"Creative presentation, clear explanation and very practical on hand teaching."

"Helpful! I am going to develop my web site very soon.".

"Good and innovative lecture"

"Easy, relevant course work taught by an experienced trainer (who knows his stuff) that allowed us to be hands on early on."

"Don't have to be a professional web designer can create our own web site any time any where."

"Excellent teacher"

"Cordial, friendly and interactive workshop environment"

"All topics and skills were directly relevant to creating a website which I am likely to us in my work"

"By using Google Sites, I become basically a webmaster which I will be using in my business."

"Effective and timely for today age of the IT."

"Friendly interaction from Mr. Boaz and of course imparting his best of information to all the participants."

"Trainers did well and he was accessible for any kind of queries that was asked for me to clarify and also willing to help. This is great!"

"It is surely useful to me and I will be creating my own website for family, company and others."