About E-Learning

An increasing number of schools and libraries in Bhutan now boast computer labs, each with multiple desktop PCs. Computers in schools can be utilized in various ways:

In many schools, computers are used mostly for teaching IT skills, such as using the mouse and keyboard, running Office applications, and learning web design.

E-learning, on the other hand, is often not utilized. 

What is E-learning?

E-learning is the use of computers for supporting learning and teaching. Computers can be used for conducting research in social studies, learning maths and science in an interactive fashion, watching a video about organic chemistry, practicing language vocabulary through games and flashcards, and more. E-learning often requires access to online, web-based materials. Two popular resources used worldwide are Wikipedia and Khan Academy

E-learning Without Internet Connection

Although many educational institutions in Bhutan have computers, Internet access is often unavailable (due to inaccessibility, high cost, or policy), or is painfully slow. Thus, online materials are inaccessible to students and teachers. In addition, many teachers are unaware of available online educational materials.