Tourism Management

The Course offers comprehensive information on various concepts, methods and frame work, giving systematic overview of the subject on a global basis. Key elements includes: nature and components of the tourism industry; destination planning and management; marketing strategies and communication; economic dimensions and international co-operation.

This course will enable the Trainees, who are to form the future resource of the travel and tourism business, to face the increasingly competitive world where they intend to pursue their careers. Tourism management tries to examine this complex global phenomenon, exploring its various concepts in their different manifestations

Course Structure for tourism management (1 month) (22 days * 2hr =44 Hours)

Module Title

Managing Tourism

 Learning Outcomes

1.Interpret the concepts of tourism

2.Interpret Tourism Marketing

3.Enhance the knowledge of Tourism Marketing Mix

4.Explain the Role of travel agencies and travel organizations

5.Explain the need of Tour operator and their services

6.Explain the need of travel and transport

Nominal Duration

 44 Hours