Rigsum Sherig Collection

Rigsum Sherig Collection 3.0 was released on May 14, 2014

Free educational resources for schools.

No Internet required.

To enable e-learning in schools, colleges, libraries and other educational institutions in Bhutan, we are glad to announce that the Rigsum Research Lab now provides, for the first time in Bhutan, a unique educational resource: The Rigsum Sherig Collection. The Collection includes carefully-selected educational resources that do not require Internet access.

The Rigsum Sherig Collection is available for free to all educational institutions in Bhutan. Installing the Collection on school, college, or library PCs will avail safe and effective resources to teachers and students.

Using the resources in the Collection does not requires an Internet connection.

How to Get the Collection?

Teachers, students, instructors, parents and administrators who are interested in the Sherig Collection are requested to fill the registration form or send an email to sherig@rigsum-it.com. Upon registration, further information will be sent by email.

What's in a word

Sherig (ཤེས་རིག) is the Dzongkha word for Education

Sherig Collection Map

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New release! The Rigsum Sherig Collection 3.0 is now available, with automated installation and additional resources. Compare with previous versions.