Examination Rules & Regulations

A)  Trainees should assemble at their respective examination halls at least 15 minutes before the exam starts.

B)  Trainees are not allowed to bring any textual matter, formula, solution for problems in any form inside the exam hall.

C)  Cell phones should be switched off inside the hall.

D)  Talking inside the hall is strictly prohibited.

E)  During the first 30 minutes Trainees are not allowed to go out any ground.

F)  After the examination is over Trainees before leaving the exam hall shall have to handover the answer booklets and               question papers to the respective superintendent.

G)  Students are not allowed to carry CD or USB drive inside the hall.

H)  It shall be the responsibility of Trainees to find out and know the correct date, time and class of examination allotted to          them at the halls of examinations.

I)  The regular students on the rolls of the institution shall be eligible for admission to the examination only if he/she fulfills the        criteria on having secured the attendance of at least 80%. Attendant secured 60% to 80% are liable to pay Nu.50 per day.           Below 60% attendance is strictly not eligible to sit for an exam

J)  Notwithstanding anything contrary to these rules, no candidate who is undergoing any restriction during the period of                 examination or who was expelled during the academic duration just preceding the date of examination at which he/she             intends to appear shall be admitted to the examination.

K)  The answer book/sheet of a Trainees in any examination shall not be reassessed under any circumstances. However, after          the publication of the results of the final examination, if a Trainees, whether passed or failed, has strong grounds and belief       that some mistake has been made in connection with his/her result he/she may apply to the body of the examination on              prescribed application form.

L)  Application for rechecking shall be received up to 10 days from the date of announcement of the result. By paying the fee of         Nu.100 per paper. Application submitted after 10 days will not be entertained.

M)  The Trainees of anybody on his/her behalf has no right to see or examine the answer book(s) for any purpose.

N)  Whereas the re-checking does not mean reassessment or re-evaluation of the answer book, but it’s the recounting of the       marks

O)  In order to qualify the examination. It shall be necessary for a Trainees to pass in all the subjects.

P)  A candidate shall have to obtain at least minimum qualifying marks i.e.50% in theory and practical, separately.

Q)  Marks obtained by the candidate in theory papers will be obtained in the same the subject and similarly marks obtained in          practical papers of the same subject are aggregated and averaged.

R)  If a candidate fails either in theory or practical of a paper, the marks obtained by him/her in theory and practical shall not be         combined for aggregate purposes.

S)  Appearance in both the papers of a particular subject is necessary for the compilation of result.

T)  If a candidate fails to qualify in the subject on the aggregate of two papers he/she will be declared fail in the paper(s) in            which he/she actually fails and shall be allowed to appear in compartmental/failure paper(s),if otherwise eligible.

U)  A candidate failing in theory or practical in the final examination would be placed under compartment and would appear in         the failed paper(s)/subject(s) allow sitting for a supplementary examination, provided re-examination fees of Nu. 100 is paid         and for another attempt reexamination fees would be double of supplementary re-examination fees.

V)  A candidate, who does not appear in his /her examination due on time, due to any valid reason, may appear in the                  examination conducted for the next batch of the same course with approval of the Body.

W) Supplementary Examination shall be held after declaration of final Examination result of that year but before the next              Annual Examination.

X)  Supplementary Examination shall be open to:

      1. The candidates who fail in the final examination only. 

Notes: Certificate fees of Nu. 300 will be collected for all the courses.