Install Guide (2.0)



Most computers manufactured after 2006 can run the Sherig Collection. Here are the requirements:

Easy 5-Step Installation

1. Log on to Windows as Administrator. Make sure the Administrator account is password-protected. If the Administrator account has no password, create a password for the Administrator (Control Panel→User Accounts→Create a Password). 

Upgrading from Sherig 1.0

To upgrade, follow these steps to delete the old Sherig 1.0 software.

Dzongkha for Windows Vista, 7, 8

Add Dzongkha keyboard:

Dzongkha for Windows XP

Click “Start”. Click “Run”. Type intl.cpl in the Run box. Click “OK”. Go to Languages tab.

Add Dzongkha Keyboard.

Enable Complex-Script Support (requires Windows XP installation CD).

2. Copy the Sherig 2.0 folder from an external hard disk to C:\ (or D:\). This will create a C:\Sherig 2.0 (or D:\Sherig 2.0) directory with all the software. 

3. Navigate to the C:\Sherig 2.0 (or D:\Sherig 2.0) directory. Double-click INSTALL or INSTALL.cmd. This will start the install process. Follow the instructions. Note: Installation can take up to 60 minutes. 

4. If you haven’t already, create a non-admin user account with standard/limited permissions. 

5. Log on to each user account. Start Wikipedia. Go to File→Open then navigate to C:\Sherig 2.0\Wikipedia (or D:\Sherig 2.0\Wikipedia) and choose the first Wikipedia database (for example, Wikipedia-for-Schools). Repeat for the two other databases.