The Sherig Collection Takes Off!

Post date: Apr 15, 2013 2:48:7 PM

The April 13, 2013 information session, celebrating the launch of the Rigsum Sherig Collection, introduced the collection to nearly 30 participants: teachers, librarians, school administrators, and government officials in Bhutan. Representatives were present from many schools in Thimphu and beyond, libraries and community centres, colleges and training institutes, and from the Ministry of Education's Dept. of Curriculum Research and Development. Here are some:

Several of the participants used the opportunity to copy the Sherig Collection to an external hard drive in order to install it at their educational organizations. We hope students and teachers at these institutions will soon enjoy the liberating power of learning!

If you are interested in the collection for your organization, please email us at and schedule a time to visit our lab and get the collection.