Certificate in Essential 3D Modeling-3 months

The essential 3D modeling certificate recognizes the skills and knowledge required for people working as a skilled 3D modeller and builds on the skills and knowledge that candidate will have gained through the successful completion of the course.

This course is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes for modeling 3d objects using 3ds Max 2014. You will also learn to apply materials, maps and texture on and apply various lighting to the 3d objects for the further enhancement of the final output. Rendering the scene using the various renderers.

Course Structure 132 HOURS(2 hours/day)

 Module Title

 Designing 3D models

Learning Outcomes

1. Getting familiar with 3ds max 2014

2. Working with Objects

3. Modelling in 3ds Max

4. Working with materials and map

5. Working with lights & rendering in 3ds Max 2014

Nominal Duration

132 Hours