Chairman's Message

I am consciously aware that in the Kingdom of Bhutan there are more than 35 IT and Management educational institutes operating under the single banner of individual licenses approved by the Royal Government of Bhutan. More than half are situated in and around Thimphu, the Capital of the Kingdom. And,  the majority are fairly young and aspiring to reach excellence to attract the best brains at the admission stage. The Rigsum Institute of Information Technology & Management is my prime dream project. I know that remaining the leader in this competitive environment requires top quality infrastructure, highly qualified and dedicated teachers, and an administration giving top priority to discipline. I am not compromising on any of these. I know it requires quite some attention, energy, finances and vision on my part. I am being practical and liberal. My colleagues, who are respectively responsible for the expansion of the Institute, share my thoughts and vision and have been enthusiastically lending me their helping hand, with no strings attached, to propel the Institute to stellar heights. The academic affairs of the institute are being ably shouldered by our young, capable, highly qualified and experienced Course Director and faculty. I have no hesitation whatsoever to provide the best resources to the faculty, staff, and trainee students of the Institute. My mission is to continue the dedicated effort leading to the IT transformation of society. Come join us, strengthen us, and pave way for a strong foundation for the future of the Rigsum Institute of Information Technology & Management, and society at large.

Chen Chen Dorji