Human Resource Management

Resource and their management play very vital role in the development of a nation. The effective exploitation and utilization of a nation’ natural, physical and financial resources require an effective and committed man power.

This course can help an enterprise in achieving its goals more efficiently and effectively by attracting and retaining the required talent through effective human resources planning, recruitment, selection, placement, orientation, compensation and promotion policies and developing the necessary skills and right attitudes among the employee through the training, development, performance, participation, grievance handling, etc..

Course Structure (44hours)

Module Title

Managing Human Resource

Learning Outcomes

1.Interpret Human Resource Management

2.Explain the need and importance of Human Resource planning

3.Explain the process of recruitment, selection and placement

4.Explain the purpose and method of performance appraisal and compensation

5.Explain the process of promotion and transfer

6.Explain the work environment for employee safty

Nominal Duration

44 Hours