New Courses 2011

Micro Credit for Banking Staff

Micro credit is a means to help the underprivileged in our society. Micro-credit providing small loans to poor people who ordinarily don’t have access to credit. Success in micro-credit often is measured more in terms of charity than of profitability. Micro Credit for it to be an effective tool in alleviating poverty. The objective was to offer the poor in that country financial services, entrepreneurship opportunities and end to mistreatment by money-lenders.

 Materials Management

Materials Management is all about managing the materials i.e. the resources of an organization. The main functionality within MM includes purchasing, Inventory management, valuation and assignment Strategic management, International Trade, Operations Management, Purchasing Management, Inventory management and batch management and classification.

Central Banking & Liquidity Management

 Inspirational Leadership

 Project Management & Financing

 Advanced Customer Care

 Front Office Training

Export Development

Marketing Skill Development